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  Updated 13/7/2024
European Fair Videos

As the European ride builders are currently very prominent with their new and innovative designs, these titles show you the very best that they have to offer, and also the influence they have on British rides manufacturers. The Euroride volumes have been compiled by Netherlands fairground enthusiast, Ton Koppei.
Sweltering Dusseldorf lived up to it’s reputation for superb thrill rides including: brand new Chaos, Hangover Drop Tower, King Kong, Infinity, Jules Verne Starflyer, Diamond Dodgems, Gravity, Skater Top Scan, Predator plus favourites Circus Circus and Kinzler’s No.1 Breakdance & many more
HAMBURG WINTER DOM 2016 ( 55 minutes) DVD £15 only
Another DVD for lovers of the Breakdancer type ride, once again, Hamburg had three to choose from. Filming commenced at dusk through to darkness, and since our last visit in 2013, large and small attractions are covered in LEDs alike. Not only are the large rides featured here, but a host of sidestuff, juvenile rides, shows and catering outlets
STUTTGART CANSTATTER VOLKSFEST 2014 (1 Hour 32 minutes) DVD £16 only
A variety of weather conditions failed to dampen the fairgoers of Stuttgart, who could sample Kinzler’s legendary No.1 Break Dance, Polyp,, Transformer, Revolution Topspin, Huss Magic Magic, Flipper, Wilde Maus, two Superbobs, Happy Sailor, King Kong Drop Tower, Observation Sky Tower, Giant Wheel, Starflyer, Rollover Shake, King Looper, Doppel Looping Coaster, numerous Dodgem tracks, Wave Swinger and many other attractions, as well as the Beer Halls
MANNHEIM VOLKSFEST 2014 ( 40 minutes) DVD £14 only
Not one of Germany’s largest fairs, Mannheim Volksfest still packs a punch for quality amusements. Before the finale that features the “Bayern Breaker” Breakdancer, featured are: Flipper, Geisterhohle, Wilde Maus, Dodgem, Beach Party Superbob, Huss Magic, Eclipse Capriola, Doggy Dog Juvenile Roller Coaster, plus a host of well presented stalls, catering outlets and Juvenile rides
HAMBURG WINTER DOM 2013 (1 Hour 12 minutes) DVD £15 only
Hamburg’s Dom Fairs are renowned for their quality attractions. The “Huss Roar” is synonymous with German rides, and is experienced here with extended footage of Dreher’s Breakdancer No.2. Other attractions include: Skyfall Drop Tower, Teststrecke, Wilde Maus, Flasher, Shaker, Viva Mexico (as close as it gets to a UK Waltzer), Double Jump, Love Dream Caterpillar, DomDancer, Rotor, Rallye Monte Carlo, Ghost Trains, Horror Show, Juveniles etc. And don’t forget — you will never go hungry at The Dom!
EURORIDES Vol.4 ( 48 minutes) DVD £10 only
Foire Du Trone 1997 in daylight, and a look at Luna Park, Faliraki
FOIRE DU TRONE 2009 (1 Hour 5 minutes) DVD £15 only
Crowds flocked to France’s No.1 travelling fair on May Day 2009. Along with high class refreshment kiosks and games stalls, Rides included: Rock ‘n Roll Matterhorn, Happy Sailor, Insider Shake, Extreme Topscan, Huss Topspin, Air Max, Air Swing Star Flyer, Jumper. Enterprise, “Royal Horse” Caterpillar, Crazy Mouse, Go-Karts, Wilde Maus. Boomerang Frisbee, King Coaster, Countdown Tower, Maxximum Capriola and numerous Ghost Trains and Funhouses
Re-edited to DVD and re-released: EURORIDES 1 (1 Hour 20 minutes) DVD £10 only By Ton Koppei
Liege 1989, Duren 1989, Oldenburg 1989, Tilburg 1993 plus bonus footage.
Re-edited to DVD and re-released: EURORIDES 2 (1 Hour 10 minutes) DVD £10 only By Ton Koppei
Munich Oktoberfest 1988, Foire du trone 1993, Cranger Kirmes ( Herne) 1993
Re-edited to DVD and re-released: EURORIDES 3 (1 Hour 15 minutes) DVD £10 only By Ton Koppei
Aachen 1994, Geleen 1994, Dusseldorf 1994, Tilburg 1994
NIGHT FEVER! Volume3 ( 50 minutes) DVD £14 only
Foire du Trone(Paris) at night. Lights and smoke all the way! Good seller.
FOIRE DU TRONE 1996 (1 Hour 50 minutes) DVD £16 only
50/50 day and night coverage, proof that the French are tops for lights and effects. Top class funfair.
DUSSELDORF FAIR 1995 (1 Hour 5 minutes) DVD £14 only
Mammoth German fair, with a tremendous combination of thrilling rides.
TILBURG KERMIS 1995 ( 55 minutes) DVD £14 only
Holland’s largest fair, spectacular rides including the amazing Spinball.

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