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  Updated 21/5/2024
UK Funfairs

All the “Roundabouts” titles have now been withdrawn. Whilst ideally suited to 3 hour video tapes, we have deemed them no longer suitable for the DVD format. The decision means that there are over 50 hours of footage idle, which will be re-edited with chapters and menus to approx. one hour format with higher quality images.
UK FUNFAIRS Vol.22 Plymouth ( 46 minutes) DVD £10 only
Usually held around Easter time, Anderton & Rowland always manage to assemble most of their own rides at CENTRAL PARK, close the ground of Plymouth Argyle FC. With visits in 1992 and 2000, there are noticeable changes to the ride line ups here. David Rowland held a tidy fair on THE HOE for the 1995 VE Day Anniversary Celebrations, which featured modern and traditional amusements. Although it was May, the weather was blisteringly hot. On the western edge of the city sits PLYMPTON, where A&R’s No.2 Section make a spring visit, seen here in 1993 and 1995. We were lucky enough here to catch the showmen exercising their signwriting skills.
UK FUNFAIRS Vol.21 DEVON REGATTAS (1 Hour 7 minutes) DVD £10 only
Usually held around Easter time, Anderton & Rowland always manage to assemble most of their own rides at CENTRAL PARK, close the ground of Plymouth Argyle FC. With visits in 1992 and 2000, there are noticeable changes to the ride line ups here. David Rowland held a tidy fair on THE HOE for the 1995 VE Day Anniversary Celebrations, which featured modern and traditional amusements. Although it was May, the weather was blisteringly hot. On the western edge of the city sits PLYMPTON, where A&R’s No.2 Section make a spring visit, seen here in 1993 and 1995.
UK FUNFAIRS Vol.20 SOUTH YORKSHIRE ( 47 minutes) DVD £10 only
For many years, DONCASTER’S RACECOURSE has hosted two substantial funfairs, (and still does today), one at Whitsun and a larger presentation in September, coinciding with the St.Leger race meeting. Both contain a huge selection of rides, including a Waltzer with Superbob style cars, Beach Buggy Dodgems, Holland’s vintage Cakewalk, whilst Warwick’s Skid attended both. International Funfairs opened in DONCASTER Town Centre in 1995 with superb line up of attractions, including a Giant Wheel, which had opened in Leeds shortly before. 1997 saw our camera at KIMBERWORTH for a very tidy fair, which included the “Elite Waltzer” of Alexandra Moran, formerly one of two travelled by legendary Doubtfires
UK FUNFAIRS Vol.19 – WIRRAL SHOW (1 Hour 2 minutes) DVD £10 only
The massive funfair provided by the Hackett family in support of the annual Wirral Show opened on the vast seafront at New Brighton always managed to attract the UKs premier fairground rides, with little or no duplication. Sadly, the Show ceased following the 2009 event, but our cameras were fortunate to record the 2002 and 2005 fairs, which are covered in this volume. Includes: Crazy Shake, both Silcock Waltzers, Powersurge, Twister Spinning Coaster, Speed Flip, Acrobat, Swing Explorer, Superspin, Toboggan Vertical Lift Coaster, Roller, Wild Mouse, Log Flume and many more. For a brief preview, follow this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQTJ_eu7pk0
UK FUNFAIRS Vol.18 – EAST COAST PARKS ( 38 minutes) DVD £10 only
GREAT YARMOUTH PLEASURE BEACH in 1995 comprised a good balance of static park rides, along with some interesting rides familiar on the UKs travelling fairs, including the "It’s Bad" Breakdancer and unique Toboggan vertical lift coaster. The second part of this programme takes in some of the amusements to be found in the INGOLDMELLS area, before moving southwards to SKEGNESS to take in the attractions on offer in this popular Lincolnshire resort
UK FUNFAIRS Vol.17 – SHEFFIELD ( 55 minutes) DVD £10 only
Bob Wilson’s Funfairs held several prestigious fairs at MEADOWHALL during the 1990s, and this volume features the first two of these, which were held in March and August of 1992. Next we look at R.Tuby’s massive “BLACKPOOL COMES TO SHEFFIELD” presentation held on the Arena car parks in 2001. Seen here are a Breakdance, Top Buzz, Enterprise, Tri-Star, Topspin and a nice array of kiddies coasters. Earlier in the year, Farrar’s Funfairs opened near the PARKWAY with the Crazy Shake, Music Express, Dragon Coaster, Big Ben, Giant Wheel, Magic Mouse, Super Spin, Enterprise and other top class rides usually found to be travelling in the U.K. For a brief preview, follow this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yN6l36QFYPw
UK FUNFAIRS – Vol.16 – YORKSHIRE ( 53 minutes) DVD £10 only
LEEDS VALENTINE’S Fair in 1997 still enjoyed it’s city centre status with a BIizzard Coaster, Giant Wheel and Harris’s Matterhorn amongst many other traditional favourites. HARROGATE’S Stray Fair in September 1993 boasted a terrific array of rides, including M&D’s Streetdancer, Wharton’s Skydiver, Manders’ Sea Ray, and two Yorkshire platform ride legends; namely R.Eddy’s Speedway, along with A.Evans Atmosphere Creator’ Waltzer. Also featured is BRADFORD’S Peel Park Bank Holiday Fair in 1997 For a brief preview, follow this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mtp5bGvo3mo
UK FUNFAIRS Vol.15: SUMMER OF 1989 (1 Hour) DVD £10 only
Over twenty years have passed since this footage was originated and how times have changed. Rides such as Billy Wawick’s Skid, Roger Hall’s Divebomber, Arthur Holland’s Matterhorn, Albert Holland’s Cyclone and Paratrooper, William Wood’s Skyliners, James Mellors’ Sizzler and Orbiter are just memories. The market area at BAKEWELL has been redeveloped meaning James Whiting’s fair has been relocated across the river, but the fair at BUXTON continues as before with only Bert Holland’s Waltzer regularly attending amongst the more modern rides of today.
UK FUNFAIRS Vol.14: GLOUCESTER ( 57 minutes) DVD £10 only
The Midlands based firm of Bob Wilson have long been associated with the Gloucester Park Carnival fair, and it probably reached it’s peak for the fairground enthusiast during the 1990s. This volume records the rides in 1992 and 1994, but who recalls Abie Danter’s Easyrider and the late Ronnie Taylor’s boxing saloon being there? Content above previously used on Roundabouts Volumes The Churchdown Fairground Extravaganza ia always eagerly looked forward to during the winter months, and some of the many superb fairground models attending in 2010 are seen in the concluding part of this programme.
UK FUNFAIRS Vol.13: STAFFORDSHIRE ( 51 minutes) DVD £10 only
The 90s fairs held on the former Minton Factory site by Stanworth’s at STOKE very often saw some interesting rides attend, not least the former D Taylor Speedway presented by Jennings’. John Collins’ LEEK Fair is visited next before calling at the little reported fair held at NEWCASTLE where there are build up and pull on views. It just wouldn’t be a Bank Holiday in TAMWORTH without the Barker family’s funfair on the castle grounds. The programme concludes with a visit to Warwick’s funfair held in support of CHEADLE Wakes.
UK FUNFAIRS Vol.12 – HULL (1 Hour 16 minutes) DVD £10 only
Seen by many as rivalling Nottingham Goose Fair, Hull Fair can more than hold it’s own, and this volume covers visits in 1998 and 2000. Rides included: King Loops, Seastorm, Topspin, High Roller, Dolphin Coaster, Jamming Coaster, Discovery Evolution, Mega Star Wheel, Vortex Wheel, Spiral Toboggan Coaster, Spinning Mouse Coaster, Mulan Caterpillar, Extreme Chaos, Over The Top, Top Buzz No.1, Crazy Machine Twist, Super Spin, Crazy Bulls, Dodgems, Waltzers, Matterhorns, Orbiters, Gallopers, Twists and loads more.
UK FUNFAIRS Vol.11 – NORTH WALES ( 48 minutes) DVD £10 only
TIR PRINCE Raceway at TOWYN was visited by our camera in 2001, and throughout the season is a huge draw for the huge caravan population nearby who have the choice of park and travelling amusement rides. LLANDUDNO’S Victorian Weekend never fails to attract huge numbers of visitors. It’s main streets are closed to all traffic and taken over by fairground rides for three days. Sadly, there is a higher proportion of modern rides these days, but there still remains a sizeable attendance of traditional amusements, all contributing to this resort’s popular and unique May Bank Holiday event in 2010.
UK FUNFAIRS Vol.10 – MORE NOTTS & DERBYS ( 54 minutes) DVD £10 only
Derby 1997, Long Eaton Chestnut 1994, Matlock 1995, Warsop 1998, Fairfield Buxton 1998.
UK FUNFAIRS Vol.9 – SOUTH COAST (1 Hour 5 minutes) DVD £10 only
Rye 1993, Southsea Kite Fair 2001, Christchurh 1996, Bournemouth 1994, Ryde (IOW) 2001
UK FUNFAIRS Vol.8 – LANCASHIRE ( 48 minutes) DVD £10 only
Bury March Fair 1994, Rawtenstall 1994, Chorley Cake Fair 1996, Preston Whit Fair 2002
UK FUNFAIRS Vol.7 – LONDON ( 48 minutes) DVD £10 only
Hampstead Upper and Lower Heaths (Whit) 1993, Kingsbury Roe Green 1993, Hampton Court 1996
Lincoln Spring 1994, Grantham Mid Lent 2001, Stamford Mid Lent 1998
UK FUNFAIRS Vol.5 – LINCOLNSHIRE (1 Hour 4 minutes) DVD £10 only
Stamford Mid Lent 1997, Grantham Mid Lent 1995, Grantham Fairground Model Shows 1992 and 1993.
Well known with Northampton are Scarrott’s Amusements, and these are seen in the picturesque ABINGTON PARK in 1995. Next stop is the SIXFIELDS complex for a good selection of quality rides, including the Apollo Skid 2000, previously travelled by T.Pratley, along with Matthews’ Skyfire and Matterhorn rides. Nowadays no longer held, the busy ST.CRISPIN street fair was always a magical experience, none more so than in 1998 where on offer were the Top Buzz, Seastorm, Rolling Thunder, Megaspin and High Roller of Stevens’ Amusements, Topspin, Rodeo Bulls, Freddy’s Revenge, Pont’s Hangover, the Skyfire and many more Content previously used on Roundabouts Vols. 6, 11 and 12
UK FUNFAIRS Vol.3 – OXFORDSHIRE (1 Hour) DVD £10 only
The first chapter covers the well known OXFORD ST.GILES Fair in 2000, with it’s unique street setting and includes the Waltzers of Hebborn’s and Wilson’s of Redditch with their spinning top version. M.Phillips had his Superstar here and Bob Wilson & Sons were responsible for the Stargate and Chaos rides. A totally different atmosphere was found at nearby BICESTER in 1992 with a neat little fair presented by the Hatwell family. WITNEY FEAST in 1999 saw Wilson’s Chaos ride here for the first time. Others included Wallis’s Topspin, Mellors’ Crazy Shake, the unique “Roller” and Manning’s Superstar rides. Content previously used on Roundabouts Vols. 2, 12 & 13
UK FUNFAIRS Vol.2 – NOTTS & DERBYS (1 Hour) DVD £10 only
Ilkeston comes alive every October when the annual fair takes over the town. Gooch’s Swing Explorer was a new novelty in 1996 alongside Crecraft’s Tsunami and Wall’s Hotshot. Bakewell’s (Whiting’s Funfairs) 1994 Well Dressing Fair was then held on the old market site which has now been redeveloped, but then was attended by Billy Warwick’s Skid & Wheatley’s Caterpillar. Sample the unique atmosphere with straw boaters and striped shirts at the very busy Nottingham Riverside Fair seen here in 1997 proudly presented as usual, jointly by Bert Holland & James Mellors.
UK FUNFAIRS Vol.1 – SCOTLAND (1 Hour) DVD £10 only
Hamilton Easter Fair 1992, Glasgow SECC 1993 and 1996, M&D’s Amusement Park at Strathclyde 1992

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