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  Updated 19/6/2024
Fairground Transport Videos

These volumes are devoted solely to fairground transport, featuring loads arriving (or departing) the fairground.

These titles, as seen from the Top 20 Twenty Chart are very popular. We are desperate to film other substantial or unusual fairground pull ons, any further imformation or ideas would be appreciated

Transport of Delight Volume 20 is now available - featuring the Monday pull-on for the New Brighton Wirral Show. Plenty of pink lorries for all the James Mellors devotees! Also Matthew's King Loops seen arriving. 51 minutes £14.

TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT Volume 45 (1 Hour 10 minutes) DVD £15 only
Transport pulling on at Nottingham (Friday and Sunday evening), Bakewell and at Ilkeston Market Place, all in 2023.
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT Volume 44 ( 50 minutes) DVD £15 only
After three year’s absence, pulling on for Goose Fair returned in style. With an abundance of new attendees, there was no disappointment. This volume also features the “evening scramble” on to the hard standing car park, with vehicles and their loads appearing from all directions. Saturday and Sunday arrivals only.
TANSPORT OF DELIGHT Volume 45 (1 Hour 10 minutes) DVD £15 only
Transport pulling on at Nottingham (Friday and Sunday evening), Bakewell and at Ilkeston Market Place, all in 2023.
TRANSPORT OF DEKIGHT Volume 43 ( 50 minutes) DVD £15 only
Friday and Sunday (only) fairground transport pulling on for the 2019 Nottingham Goose Fair.
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT Volume 42 ( 48 minutes) DVD £15 only
Fairground loads arriving at Bakewell and Knutsford Royal May Day Fair 2019.
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT Volume 41 (1 Hour 7 minutes) DVD £15 only
Nottingham Goose Fair pull on 2018, Friday and Sunday only. Danter’s Mouse, Proctor’s Dodgem & Waltzer, Harris’s Dodgem, Porter’s & Silcock’s Freak Outs, Parrish’s Extreme, Wilson’s Storm & King, Bowry’s Skid, Holland’s Dragon, Armstrong’s Dodgem, Stokes’s Orbiter & Miami, Gore’s Frogs, James’ Take Off, J.Collins’ Sizzler & Dodgem, along with many more too numerous to mention
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT Volume 40 ( 45 minutes) DVD £15 only
2018. With not an ERF or Foden in sight, the activity by the lorries and their loads is hectic to say the least. Tractor units are seen making return trips for their multiple loads, something we see little of in the UK. Filmed in a blistering 35 degree heat, with very little shelter for the cameraman other than a small tree
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT Volume 39 (1 Hour 8 minutes) DVD £15 only
The Friday and Sunday 2014 Nottingham Goose Fair pull on is recorded here featuring dozens of fairground loads, including A.Danter’s Air and Wild Mouse, Matthews’ Capriola, Noyces (Stokes’) Starflyer, Noyce’s and Houghton’s Superstars, Graham’s Gallopers, Holland’s Extreme and many more
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT Volume 38 (1 Hour 34 minutes) DVD £15 only
By way of a change, our 2013 coverage of transport at Nottingham Goose Fair has extended highlights of the Monday pull off, culminating with the exodus of the loads of the massive “Air” ride. Other big loads include M&D’s Bomber Mk.2 and Giant Wheel along with many others heading for Hull. Pulling on was also recorded on the Friday (only) and was a surprisingly busy day, with good whole variety of loads and living vans entering the Forest site.
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT 37 ( 55 minutes) DVD £14 only
Fairground loads seen arriving at Forest Ground for the 2012 Goose Fair on the Friday and Sunday prior to this historic event held in Nottingham. Lorries with loads and living wagons in tow from all over the country are seen here in action in this volume.
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT Volume 36 (1 Hour 12 minutes) DVD £15 only
Fairground loads are captured in this volume firstly at KNUTSFORD, arriving for John Collins’ massive annual fair held on The Heath. The second chapter features two days of loads arriving at NOTTINGHAM for the 2011 Goose Fair. Includes transport progressing along Gregory Boulevard and crossing Alfreton Road en route to The Forest. For a brief preview click on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgQiIjBIG8M
TRANSPORT of DELIGHT Volume 35 ( 56 minutes) DVD £14 only
Once again, the transport for the largest of the Peak District Well Dressing fairs is captured on arrival at BAKEWELL and BUXTON in 2010. NOTTINGHAM’S Goose fair pull on gets more and more protracted and this volume covers the Saturday and Sunday arrivals of the loads, in contrasting weather conditions.
TRANSPORT of DELIGHT Volume 34 (1 Hour 10 minutes) DVD £15 only
A variety of fairground transport and loads in action during 2009 at the Well Dressing fairs at BAKEWELL and BUXTON in Derbyshire, NOTTINGHAM’S Goose Fair, LINCOLN VINTAGE RALLY, and at MARLBOROUGH for the first of the two annual Mop Fairs
TRANSPORT of DELIGHT Volume 33 ( 55 minutes) DVD £14 only
1: Some of the vintage attractions arriving at Lincoln Showground for the August 2008 Rally, including the Moonrocket, Rotor & Paul Hyman’s smart Foden and ERF Dodgem transport. 2: Michael Evans’ coverage of the pull off at Telford in Spring 1991 featured a nice Scammell Pioneer winching the loads off a very muddy tober. Featured are: G.Stoke’s Dodgem, T.Cogger’s Superbob, W.Roberts’ Meteorite and other rides. 3: A visit to Burton On Trent in 2008 for the lunchtime pull on, which sees some intricate positioning of the showmen’s rides. Henry Stanworth’s Maxwell Waltzer was probably making it’s final appearance here, with a replacement machine due in 2009
TRANSPORT of DELIGHT Volume 32 ( 56 minutes) DVD £14 only
Loads & rides seen arriving and being set are those of John Collins, A.Harris’s restored Scammell (and hard at work!), M&D’s Spiderman, Eclipse & Giant Wheel—one load courtesy of A.Harris’s ERF, J.Messham’s Wall Of Death, the Superspins of H.Evans & Sedgewick’s, Freeman’s Funlight built Crazy Dance Miami, Mulhearn’s Topspin & Jumper, C.Harris’s City Hopper, Wilson’s Storm, A.Danter’s Crazy Mouse, Reeve’s Bungee, Bishton’s Cakewalk, G.Evans’ Tango, J.Silcock’s Twister and Freak Out and many more. As filmed on the Saturday & Sunday only.
TRANPORT OF DELIGHT Volume 31 ( 52 minutes) DVD £14 only
Fairground loads arriving in 1989 at Buxton, Heath Common in 1991, Totnes (Anderton & Rowland) in 1992 and at Newcastle-under-Lyme in 1994. Some sequences have previously been used in my “Roundabouts” volumes.
TRANPORT OF DELIGHT Volume 30 ( 49 minutes) DVD £14 only
Filmed by Michael Evans, this volume features pulling at Kidderminster 1989, Wolverhampton West Park and at Merry Hill Hill in 1992 and 1993. Features the changing transport of Bob Wilson’s which relatively quickly changed from Atkinsons to Volvos.
F.H.T. SCAMMELL WEEKEND 2007 ( 38 minutes) DVD £14 only
With Franks Edwards’s enthusiasm, the first FHT Scammell weekend was a huge success. A road run through the rolling Devonshire countryside took place on both days, and no less than seven Showtracs were gathered together to add momentum the launch of Barry Brown’s new book featuring this model which was purpose built for use by the British showmen. The official launch was performed by George Devey from Anderton & Rowland, who in his speech gave a brief history of Showtrac vehicles that have seen use by showmen in the West Country.
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT Volume 29 (1 Hour 28 minutes) DVD £15 only
Abie Danter’s bonneted Scania was eagerly greeted by the enthusiasts upon it’s arrival from Bridgwater and was well worth the wait. Other loads captured over two days of filming included: Messham’s Wall Of Death, Wilson’s TriStar, M&D’s Giant Wheel, Mellor’s Space Roller, Danter’s Booster, Wilson’s Storm, Wilkinson’s Jumper, Silcock’s Freak Out & Twist, Gooch’s Hi Energy, Collins’ Superbowl & Frisbee, Prices’s Stargate, Hammond’s Orbiter, Cole’s Stargate Ranger, Cox’s Jumper, Roger’s Hi Roller, Wilson’s Screamer, Bishton’s Wave Swinger, numerous Ghost Trains and Funhouses plus dozens of living vans and other supporting attractions.
TRANSPORT of DELIGHT Volume 27 (1 Hour 5 minutes) DVD £15 only
Fairground transport pulling for the Knutsford Royal May Day fair 2007. All James Mellors’ lorries and dozens of others seen here.
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT Volume 26 (1 Hour 1 minutes) DVD £14 only
Fairground loads arriving at Leeds for the 2007 Valentines Fair. Filmed over three days, this volume features mainly the machine loads with very few living vans and sidestuff.
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT Vol.25 ( 59 minutes) DVD £14 only
Another action packed volume featuring 3 days of coverage of fairground transport and loads arriving at Nottingham for the 2006 Goose Fair.
MOONRAKING AT DINGLES ( 42 minutes) DVD £14 only
Erection of the Fairground Heritage Trust’s new exhibition hall meant that there was sheltered accommodation for a lot of the Trust’s assets. May 2006 saw the arrival of the five of the ex-Robert Edwards & Sons rides, most of which were transported in their original distinctively decorated trucks and comprised sections of the Dodgem, Ark, Skid, Brooklands Speedway and Gallopers. This volume is a rare opportunity to witness the movement of the loads into the new building, with some very skilful shunting by Frank Edwards with his immaculate Scammell Highwayman “Moonraker”. Valuable four-wheel drive assistance was provided by Dingles’ “own” Richard Sandercock.
Transport of Delight Volume 23 (1 Hour 28 minutes) DVD £16 only
Not only the transport arriving, but loads leaving the 2004 Nottingham Goose Fair.
Transport of Delight Volume 22 (1 Hour) DVD £14 only
Coverage of the Saturday and Sunday pull on of Goose Fair 2003. Features the five load convoys for each of the Giant Wheel and Danter's Mouse.
Transport of Delight Volume 21 ( 54 minutes) DVD £14 only
Pulling on for Paignton Regatta Fair and the Sunday pull on for Bridgwater St. Matthew's Fair, in August and September in 2003.
Transport of Delight Volume 20 ( 51 minutes) DVD £14 only
Featuring the Monday pull-on for the New Brighton Wirral Show. Plenty of pink lorries for all the James Mellors devotees! Also Matthew's King Loops seen arriving.
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT 19 ( 56 minutes) DVD £14 only
The Sunday pull-on for 2002 Goose Fair, also some building up.
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT 18 ( 51 minutes) DVD £14 only
Pulling at Leeds Valentines Fair 2002, and transport leaving New Brighton following the Wirral show Fair 2002.
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT 17 ( 45 minutes) DVD £14 only
Previousilly part of the 1990 Goose Fair video, a feast of Fodens and Atkinsons
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT 16 ( 59 minutes) DVD £14 only
Pulling on in 2001 at John Matthews fair at Ryde (IOW), the massive autumn fair at Scarborough, and loads arriving Ilkeston (Pimlico car park only).
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT 15 ( 58 minutes) DVD £14 only
The Friday and Sunday pull ons for 2001 Goose Fair- not just a procession through the main gates this year. Features the arrival and setting of Wilson's "Turbo Booster" ride. A bit different to previous years.
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT 14 (1 Hour 40 minutes) DVD £17 only
Pulling on at New Brighton (Wirral Show), Sherdley Park (St.Helens) and for Torquay Regatta Fair, all in 2001.
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT 13 (1 Hour 12 minutes) DVD £15 only
The Goose Fair 2000 pull-on, fog, sun, mud, skidding, sliding, fountains, Big Ben arrives on time, what else?
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT: Volume 12 (1 Hour 10 minutes) DVD £15 only
The scramble of loads arriving at Elland Road for the Leeds Valentines Fair 2000, with pulling off, plus the evening arrivals for Whitby Fair, 1999.
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT: Volume 11 (1 Hour 25 minutes) DVD £16 only
Anderton & Rowlands’ loads arriving for the regatta fairs at Brixham and Torquay, and Chesterfield’s town centre fair. Both 1998.
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT: Volume 10 ( 50 minutes) DVD £14 only
Funfair loads arriving at two of John Collins’ fairs: Knutsford and Leek 1998.
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT: Volume 9 (1 Hour) DVD £14 only
Nottingham 1997, a full day of arrivals condensed into one video.
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT: Volume 8 ( 52 minutes) DVD £14 only
The best is from the west! Regatta fairs pulling onto Paignton Green & Teignmouth. Very popular title.
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT: Volume 7 (1 Hour) DVD £14 only
Another visit to Goose Fair for the pull on(1996), plus some loads arriving at Stamford Mid Lent Fair.
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT: Volume 6 ( 47 minutes) DVD £14 only
Pulling on at Heath Common, Wakefield,1995, and some of the loads leaving Newcastle in 1996.
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT: Volume 5 (1 Hour) DVD £14 only
Pull ons at: Manchester Albert Square, Knutsford & Chesterfield in 1993.
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT: Volume 4 (1 Hour 48 minutes) DVD £17 only
Nottingham 1993, pulling on and off, mud, mud, glorious mud! Mega volume.
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT: Volume 3 ( 57 minutes) DVD £14 only
Carter’s Steam Fair transport leaving Burnham, & arriving at Amersham, 1993
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT: Volume 2 ( 50 minutes) DVD £14 only
Goose Fair is one of the best known and popular of pull ons, this one is 1992.
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT: Volume 1 ( 53 minutes) DVD £14 only
Transport arriving at Knutsford Heath for the May Day Festival Fair, 1992.

(All prices are for DVD or VHS video unless otherwise stated. All titles available in both formats unless otherwise stated.).