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  Updated 21/5/2024
Fairground Videos

Fairground videos from all over Britain, including the most popular of all, Nottingham’s famous Goose Fair.
On a first ever visit to the region, Carter’s Steam Fair was an instant hit with the people of Lichfield in 2017. A few spots of rain failed to dampen the spirits of the fairgoers who enjoyed the vintage rides time and time again. Every attraction is featured in this DVD, which also has static views of the classic transport. Rides Included Dodgems, Noah’s Ark, Skid, Gallopers, Chairs, Dive Bomber, Octopus. Jets plus many kiddies rides
ROUNDABOUTS Volume 10 (4 Hours) DVD £15 only
LIMITED EDITION 4 HOUR SPECIAL: 1997/1998 fairs at: Hazel Grove, Bakewell, Tenby, Nottingham Riverside, Paignton, Teignmouth, Bradford, Ashby, Nottingham Valentines, Hyde, Stamford, Warsop, Buxton Fairfield, Southport Amusement Park, Newcastle Town Moor.
NOAH’S ARKS and SPEEDWAYS Volume 2 (1 Hour 22 minutes) DVD £15 only
20 different rides filmed between 1989 and 2015: Harris Bros. at Horsted Keynes, Jenning's Bros. (ex D.Taylor) at Stoke on Trent, W.Percival, J.Whiting at Nottingham, W.Crow at Meadowhall, R.Walton at Lincoln, M.Keeling at Poynton, J.W.Shaw at Hazel Grove, V.Manders at Stockport, J.Codona at Hamilton, Folly Farm (ex A.Lane), F.H.T, S.Pitchforth at Scarborough, R.Millband at Lincoln, R.Sweeting at Belper, R.Harrison (ex D.Ling) at Rawcliffe, H.Hill at Bury, T.Storey at Harewood House, J.Hirst at Bridlington, J.Cundell (ex Benson's) at York.

"ARKS & SPEEDWAYS Volume 1” is still available, please scroll down the page.
NOTTINGHAM GOOSE FAIR 2014 (1 Hour 20 minutes) DVD £15 only
The 25th and FINAL filming of this great event by Davd Homer Video. Rides both large and small continue to enthral anyone visiting Nottingham’s famous Goose Fair. In the air or on the ground there is something for everyone. Featured in this volume are: Danter Attractions’ award winning Air ride, Matthews’ Airmaxx Capriola, superbly lit Waltzer rides, Stokes’ “Dreams Live” (front cover), Reeves’ Atmosfear, M&D’s Wild River Flume, Giant wheel and Bomber Mark II, the Twinspin rides of S.Rogers and D.Matthews, Barker’s High Roller, Mellors’ Amusements Starflyer, Clark’s Superbowl and many others
HULL FAIR 2013 (1 Hour 5 minutes) DVD £12 only
Hull Fair excitement is encapsulated in this volume with the likes of: Danter’s Air, Reeves’ Atmosfear, Crow’s unique Cyclone, Roberts’ new Extreme Afterburner, Hackett’s Xceler8, M&D’s Bomber II, Wild Mouse, Giant Wheel and Log Flume, five sets of Gallopers, the rarities of a Meteorite and a Lifting Paratrooper, along with Frogs, Miamis and Tagadas. Then there was the legendary battle of the waltzers, with those from Richmond’s, Robinson’s, Eddy’s, Shaw’s, Atha’s and Clark’s fighting for trade with strobes and lasers.
NOTTINGHAM GOOSE FAIR 2013 (1 Hour 34 minutes) DVD £15 only
Captured both on the Thursday and the Saturday, 2013 Goose Fair appears to be two different fairs due to contrasting weather conditions over both days. Aerial rides were prevelant in a year in which there were many positional changes due to the absence of regular attendees, and the first time appearances of many more. New were: Mellors’s Group Starflyer, A.Danter’s Air, D.Hackett’s XCELER8, H.Parrish’s & W.Danter’s Extremes, G. Evans’ Waltzer, W.Roberts’ Afterburner. Add to these the decadent nostalgia of J.Bowry’s Skid, along with the return after several years of both W.Percival’s Waltzer and J.W. Shaw’s Orbiter
Hyde Park WINTER WONDERLAND 2012 ( 56 minutes) DVD £14 only
The Hyde Park Winter Wonderland presentation is now firmly established as a major London attraction, visited by thousands of people from all over the UK and beyond. Take a trip around the unique seasonal atmosphere of this event with a tour of the rides and attractions appearing here from within the UK and Europe. For a brief preview, click on this link
NOTTINGHAM GOOSE FAIR 2012 (1 Hour 28 minutes) DVD £15 only
A spectacular newcomer for this year was Stanley Reeves’ Jnr’s Atmos Fear ride, swinging and spinning it’s brave rider through all sorts of angles and through 360 degrees. It was 1988 when a Skid ride last appeared here, but Jimmy Bowry for 2012 stirred up the nostalgia stakes when he supplied his version. There were also several positional changes for this year, ensuring a fresh look, along with some glorious sunshine for filming. This volume also includes footage of rides in action after dark
NOTTINGHAM GOOSE FAIR 2011 (1 Hour 13 minutes) DVD £15 only
Almost all of the major attractions at the Nottingham Goose are included in this volume, including three very fast circuits on the largest ride present, James Mellors’ Runaway Train Coaster, which dominated “Part B” of the fair. Dodgems, Waltzers, Twists, Jumpers, Giant Wheels, Spinning Mice, Ghost Trains—something for everyone! For a brief preview click on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kX7Rly_WoBs
LOUGHBOROUGH MODEL SHOW and FAIR 2010 (1 Hour) DVD £12 only
The street fair at Loughborough, along with the FAGB Model Show organised by Chris Gibson and Dave Wilson is eagerly awaited by fairground enthusiasts from all over the UK. This volume features all the award winning models (and more) along with coverage of the full size fair in brilliant sunshine. Rides included: A.Crow’s Top Buzz II, W.Crow’s King Frogs and Extreme, J.Mellors’ Crazy Mouse, W. and C. James’ Take Off and Stargate, E.Danter’s Superstar, W.Percival’s Waltzer, J.Silcock’s Freak Out, J.Clark’s Superbowl, J.Noyce’s Gallopers, Stanworth’s Sizzler, G.Sedgewick’s widely travelled Rock Rage, J.Noyce’s Booster and many more.
NOTTINGHAM GOOSE and BURTON FAIRS 2010 (1 Hour 35 minutes) DVD £15 only
NOTTINGHAM GOOSE FAIR 2010 - Over fifteen major rides made first time visits to Nottingham’s premier public event, and there were several rides returning after several years absence. Some of the regular attendees were relocated giving this time honoured fair a different look. BURTON STATUTES FAIR 2010 - Not the biggest fair in the land, but this true street fair brims over with high quality attractions. This important and busy fair is captured by our camera for the first time as the crowds turn out in their thousands.
NOTTINGHAM GOOSE FAIR 2009 (1 Hour 24 minutes) DVD £15 only
Nottingham’s 2009 Goose Fair was inundated with aerial rides, whereby there were just as many people in the air as walking on the ground! Of these, P.Sedgewick’s “Rock Rage” and D.Taylor’s “Star Flyer” were welcome newcomers, alongside some regular favourites, both white knuckle and more traditional. Changes to the layout also added to the appeal of this year’s event
NOTTINGHAM GOOSE FAIR 2008 (1 Hour 30 minutes) DVD £15 only
Whether it’s sedate traditional carousel type rides or fast and furious novelty rides then Nottingham Goose Fair can be relied upon to have them all. Thrilling everyone in 2008 were the Eclipse and Spiderman of M&D Taylor, Harris’s City Hopper and Chaos, S&D’s Reverse Bungee, Harniess’s Sea Storm, two Spinning Mouse rides, two Giant Wheels seen from day through to night
WHITBY REGATTA FAIR ( 59 minutes) DVD £14 only
The people of Whitby always turn out to see the night arrival of the Regatta Fair at dusk as the lorries descend the notorious Khyber Pass, and even breaking into spontaneous applause! The one day fair is very unusual in that it is built on a stone jetty, and is therefore surrounded by the sea. This limits the style of amusements which can be operated here due to the narrow width, but, nevertheless, the local fairgoers are out in force as early as 10am. BONUS CHAPTER: Footage from Luna Park at Scarborough.
U.K. BUZZ (1 Hour 7 minutes) DVD £15 only
Extended footage of 14 NOVELTY RIDES IN THE UK DURING 2007/8: WALTZER A Taylor, ULTRA BUZZ E Bell, SUPERBOB F Stokes, SPEED BUZZ J Wheatley, SPIDERMAN, M&D Taylor, CHAOS W Wilson, TANGO P. Matthews, ECLIPSE M&D Taylor, SPEEDFLIP J Silcock, JUMP ‘N SMILE M Mulhearn, SUPER SPIN G Sedgewick, HIGH ROLLER J Rogers, STARGATE C Cole, MOVE IT 32 J Cox.
NOTTINGHAM’S GOOSE FAIR 2007 (1 Hour 28 minutes) DVD £15 only
Several significant changes to the overall layout and an influx of rides new to Nottingham ensured that this fair had something for everyone, and kept a fresh look for 2007. All this and more comprise this volume with views of the attractions by day and again after dark, along with bird’s eye views from the top of the Giant Wheel.
NOTHING BUT WALTZERS Volume 2 (1 Hour 28 minutes) DVD £16 only
13 UK Waltzers in action, *denotes after dark footage: *Raymond Codona’s Hellraiser at Newcastle(1990) and Kirkcaldy(1992). The following were all filmed in 2006: *R.Eddy & *T Atha at Hull, P.Sedgwick on Blackpool’s South and Central Piers, W.Clark, A.Crow, J.W.Shaw & K.Turner at Newcastle, A&R at Torquay, *A.Harris & *B.Holland at Nottingham and D.Cox at Ilkeston.
All the the model exhibits and the showmen’s vehicles that turned out for the first social event of the year.
NOTTINGHAM GOOSE FAIR 2006 (1 Hour 15 minutes) DVD £15 only
Coverage of all the large rides by day and at night. Loads of new rides included for 2006.
NOTHING BUT WALTZERS Vol.1 (1 Hour 8 minutes) DVD £14 only
Just what the title says! The waltzers, all filmed in 2006 featured are: Darren Mayne, William Percival, Dunny Tucker, Stewart Robinson, John Simon, David Taylor, Asa Taylor, Justin Codona, Charlie Horne, Joe Taylor, Simon Devey and Billy Freeman.
Noah's Arks and Speedways Vol. 1 ( 53 minutes) DVD £15 only
Unseen footage from 1992-94. Nothing but Speedways and Arks: Harry Wigfield's, Abie Danter's, Terry Atha's, Des Stanley's, John Silcock's, Pearson's, Raymond Eddy's and Joe Rowland's.
Marbling with David Wallis ( 50 minutes) DVD £15 only
The art of paint marbling as demonstrated by David Wallis at Dingles and Long Eaton in 2005.
CAMBRIDGE MIDSUMMER FAIR 1991 (1 Hour 14 minutes) DVD £14 only
When it was a BIG fair: 2 Zippers, 2 Trabants, 2 Big Wheels, 2 Gallophers, Whyatt's Skid, Manning's Caterpillar etc
Parks & Rides Vol. 1 ( 56 minutes) DVD £12 only
Blackpool Pleasure Beach in 1995, Southport Pleasureland as it was in 1998, a Brean Amusement Park in 2002. As seen on previous 'Roundabots' volumes.
Ilkeston Fair 1990 ( 44 minutes) DVD £12 only
Re-discovered footage: a classic back end fair open by day and at night.
NOTTINGHAM GOOSE FAIR 2005 (1 Hour 30 minutes) DVD £14 only
90 minutes of action from this famous fair for a bargain price of £14
TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT 24 (1 Hour 22 minutes) DVD £15 only
Three days of pulling on for the 2005 Nottingham Goose Fair
Wakes & Wells Fairs 2005 ( 56 minutes) DVD £14 only
Well Dressing fairs at Buxton, Bakewell and Tideswell. Includes Cox's Move It. Mellor's Big Ben and Frisbee pulling on.
KIRKCALDY LINKS MARKET FAIR 2005 (1 Hour 24 minutes) DVD £15 only
Daytime and after dark coverage of all the large rides, as usual, good old Scottish Waltzer action, Bateman's (ex Cullen's) Move It, Cox's Move It, Taylor's Eclipse, several Tagada rides, Horne' Adrenalin etc.
RE-RELEASED: KIRKCALDY LINKS MARKET FAIR 1991 (1 Hour 20 minutes) DVD £15 only
This volume is now re-issued, and makes for interesting viewing when compared with the 2005 footage. Not many of these rides are still attending Kirkcaldy, and there are no fold out Dodgem Tracks to be seen!
Finsbury Park & Wanstead Flats Easter Fairs 2005 (1 Hour) DVD £14 only
Features Joseph Manning's busy fair at Finsbury Park, and a look at Charles Mayne's large fair at Wanstead Flats.
Goose Fair 2004 (1 Hour 30 minutes) DVD £16 only
What a cracker! All the big rides and shows, Tsumani Coaster, Move It, Loads of Spin 'n Spew Rides
Anderton & Rowland's 150 Anniversary Road Run and Fair 2004 ( 45 minutes) DVD £14 only
The spectacular cavalcase of Scammells, ERFs and traction engines in procession along the seafront at Torquay, 5th August 2004. Also features the Regatta Fair open.
North West Easter Fairs 2004 ( 50 minutes) DVD £14 only
A trio of Easter 2004 fairs at: Carlisle, Preston and Blackburn's Witton Park
Goose Fair 2003 (1 Hour 30 minutes) DVD £16 only
Action packed volume featuring all the large rides, with plenty of night footage as well, Bishton's Waveswinger, Evans's Booster, Taylor's new Giant Wheel, Danter's Mouse, D. Taylor's, Twister etc.
Long Eaton Model Show 2002 (1 Hour 6 minutes) DVD £14 only
Just when you thought it couldn't get any bigger, it jolly well did!
GOOSE FAIR 2002 (1 Hour 24 minutes) DVD £21 only
Day and night coverage of this fair, with it's relocated rides and Top Buzz 2, Evans' Techno Superstar, Billy Crow's Equinox Tango.
BARNSTAPLE FAIR 2002 ( 41 minutes) DVD £12 only
Devon's largest fair- spectacular after dark shots of a superb fair. Not to be missed.
Nottingham Goose Fair 1990 (re-edited & re-released) (1 Hour 30 minutes) DVD £15 only
No smoke, no Miamis, but there are donkeys, P Collins' Enterprise, Farrat's Waltzer, Hall's Dive Bomber, Brishton's origional Gallopers, plus many more memories.
Long Eaton Model Show ( 45 minutes) DVD £12 only
Now the largest annual assembly of fairground models in the country, this title is a feast of fairground magic in minature.
GOOSE FAIR 2001 (1 Hour 30 minutes) DVD £16 only
Day & Night footage of the latest Goose Fair, featuring: Jamming Coaster, Crazy Mouse, Move It, 3 Jumper Rides, Booster, Chaos, Top Buzz and many more.
KIRKCALDY FAIR 2001 (1 Hour) DVD £14 only
Night and daytime coverage of this year's fair, with: Horne's Hard Rock Waltzer, M&D Taylor's new Bomber, Sedgewick's SuperSpin, Taylor's American Gallopers, four Tagadas, Wallis's Hopper, Wilson's Chaos, etc, etc.
KNUTSFORD ROYAL MAY ADY FESTIVAL FAIR 2001 (1 Hour 20 minutes) DVD £15 only
40 Minutes pulling on, and 40 minutes of the fair open, evening views. Cheshire's largest fair featuring: Mellors' Big Ben Tower, Frisbee and Crazy Shake, John Collins' Hopper, Miami, Superbowl, Boswell's Bladerunner Breakdance, Taylor's (Cumbria) Waltzer, Wright's Jets, Wallis's Dragon, Miller's Roller, plus many more. Good pull on.
GOOSE FAIR 2000 (1 Hour 30 minutes) DVD £16 only
The millenium Goose Fair, with all the rides open by day and at night. 50/50 day and night coverage Complimentary video to Transport Of Delight Volume 13.
HOPPINGS 2000 (1 Hour 30 minutes) DVD £16 only
In depth coverage of this famous fair, with all the rides by day, a hand picked selection filmed at night. Including the Supaspin, Chaos, Top Buzz, Dolphin Coaster, 3x hopper rides, and dozens more.
LEEDS VALENTINES FAIR 2000 (1 Hour 2 minutes) DVD £14 only
Unlikely to be held on this site again, (Elland Road) this one off fair features forty major rides on a glorious sunny day. Sedgewick’s SuperSpin, C & G’s Spinning Mouse Coaster, Eurowheel, Log Flume, Wilson’s Chaos, Manders’ Moonwalker, just to name a few.
MALL-ENIUM (1 Hour 20 minutes) DVD £16 only
What a burster! Day and night coverage of this hand picked cluster of rides, including Benson’s Waltzer fully built up, almost a "Night Fever" on it’s own. Also includes a visit to the fair at Potters Field (Tower Bridge).
CAMBRIDGE MIDSUMMER FAIR 1999 ( 50 minutes) DVD £12 only
Sizzling summer scenes. A battle for the skies with the Superstar type rides, those of Michael Philllips’ and Jason Price’s. Classic fair.
Debut fair for Elliot Hall’s Top Buzz. Top class street fair with: Billy Crow’s Extreme, Alan Crow’s Over The Top, Neil Pont’s Hangover, allby day and at night.
NOTTINGHAM GOOSE FAIR 1997 (1 Hour 30 minutes) DVD £14 only
The largest Goose fair held to date seen by day and at nightime. Includes scenes from within Ron Taylor’s famous Boxing Booth.
NIGHT FEVER! Volume 2 (1 Hour 30 minutes) DVD £14 only
An after dark bonanza at two massive fairs, Nottingham and Hull in 1996.
HOPPINGS 1996 (1 Hour 30 minutes) DVD £14 only
A good look at Newcastle’s answer to Nottingham and Hull, along with good nightime action.
WANSTEAD FLATS EASTER FAIR 1996 ( 52 minutes) DVD £12 only
Daytime and after dark action from the UK’s largest Easter fair, our visit specially requested by Charlie Mayne. Incudes Coneley’s Thunderdome Waltzer.
HULL FAIR 1995 ( 46 minutes) DVD £12 only
Hull versus Nottingham? No contest, this fair wins by a mile!
KIRKCALDY LINKS FAIR 1995 ( 45 minutes) DVD £12 only
Includes Horne’s Breakdancer Waltzer, M & D Taylor’s King Loops. A triumph over some horrendous weather, including horizontal rain. But the show goes on!
VALENTINES FAIRS 1995 (1 Hour) DVD £12 only
Valentines Fairs at: Manchester’s Albert Square, Leeds and the daddy of them all, Kings Lynn Mart.
HULL FAIR 1994 (1 Hour 20 minutes) DVD £16 only
Even better than it was in 1992! Three Topspins, four sets of Gallopers, and the amazing Evolution ride. What a stormer!
GOOSE FAIR 700 (1 Hour 6 minutes) DVD £14 only
This special anniversary fair (1994) was somewhat bigger than usual, and is seen by day and at night. With views from from the Liberty Wheel.
BRIDGWATER FAIR 1994 ( 54 minutes) DVD £14 only
Comprehensive views from this West Country fair by day and at night.
SOUTH EAST TOUR 1993 ( 57 minutes) DVD £14 only
George Irvin’s fair on Margate Green, Margate Amusement Park, Hastings Fair (Davis’s), Folkestone Amusement Park, and Harris Brothers vintage fair at Horsted Keynes, including the Ark.
NIGHT FEVER! Volume 1 (1 Hour 21 minutes) DVD £14 only
All the large rides from Nottingham and Hull, filmed entirely at night. 1993.
A full hour of daytime and evening coverage of over forty large rides and attractions for your enjoyment.
CHESHIRE FAIRS 1993 ( 58 minutes) DVD £14 only
Springtime in Cheshire, with it’s largest fair at Knutsford, plus vists to Stockport, Hyde and Chester (Pat Collins).
LONDON EASTER FAIRS 1993 (1 Hour 6 minutes) DVD £14 only
A nightime visit to Hampton Court Green, Barnes Bridge, Richmond on Thames (Traylens), and all three fairs at Hampstead Heath.
LEEDS GREAT ST. VALENTINES FAIR 1993 ( 58 minutes) DVD £14 only
The second event of this kind held in this city, with it’s completely revised layout from 1992.
HULL FAIR 1992 (1 Hour 45 minutes) DVD £16 only
A very popular title with day and night coverage. A notable feature was the final appearance here of Anthony Shaw’s magnificent Ark - with on ride footage.
NOTTINGHAM GOOSE FAIR 1992 (1 Hour 35 minutes) DVD £16 only
Sunshine during the day, a feast of lights at night. Includes the opening ceremony.
DERBYSHIRE FAIRS 1992 (1 Hour 35 minutes) DVD £16 only
Commences at Derby’s Easter fair on the Bass Rec., the rides at Derbyshire Steam Fair(Hartington), Chesterfield, Glossop (Autumn), Ilkeston and Ripley.
SHEFFIELD FAIRS (1 Hour 20 minutes) DVD £14 only
Two visits to Meadowhall, Spring(Crow’s Easyrider) and Summer, Owerton Stadium, Kiveton Park, Firth Park and Norfolk Park.
NEWCASTLE TOWN MOOR FAIR 1992 ( 56 minutes) DVD £14 only
Over fifty large rides to savour, on a fine but blustery day in 1992
KIRKCALDY LINKS FAIR 1992 (1 Hour 16 minutes) DVD £14 only
Day and nightime action from the banks of the Forth. Prime Scottish rides, including Codona’s Hellraiser Waltzer.
LEEDS GREAT VALENTINES FAIR 1992 ( 53 minutes) DVD £14 only
Inaugural of these prestigious fairs, original layout with rides on the market site. Wet and windy!
ILKESTON & LOUGHBOROUGH FAIRS 1991 (1 Hour 18 minutes) DVD £14 only
Two clssic fairs on one tape - many changes at Ilkeston due to the clash with Hull this year.
HULL FAIR 1991 (1 Hour) DVD £13 only
Second best seller of 1991, day and night coverage of this popular fair.
STRATFORD MOP FAIR 1991 ( 32 minutes) DVD £12 only
Nightime visit to this well loved street fair.
BRIDGWATER FAIR 1991 ( 52 minutes) DVD £12 only
Another famous back end fair, filmed during and after heavy rain. With night shots.
OXFORD ST.GILES FAIR 1991 ( 56 minutes) DVD £12 only
The starting point for the back end run of fairs - heid in the magnificent thoroughfare of st.Giles.
SHERDLEY PARK SHOW FAIR 1991 ( 46 minutes) DVD £12 only
Silcock rides, plus loads of others - over 24 and none duplicated. (St Helens Show, Lancs.)
STAFFORDSHIRE FAIRS 1991 ( 50 minutes) DVD £12 only
Fairs at: Stafford Common(Pat Collins), Leek, Tipton and Stone Carnivals.
PINNER ONE DAY FAIR 1991 ( 38 minutes) DVD £12 only
One of England’s biggest one day fairs, and not a Dodgem track in sight!
HELSTON FLORA FAIR 1991 ( 26 minutes) DVD £12 only
One of Cornwall’s busiest fairs, featuring a cross section of west country based rides.
MENAI BRIDGE FAIR 1990 ( 40 minutes) DVD £12 only
Anglesey’s well known street fair, with D.Taylor’s Cumbrian Waltzer, Danter’s rides, by day and at night.
HULL FAIR 1989 ( 50 minutes) DVD £12 only
Waltzers galore. Farrar’s Polyp, Taylor’s Looping Star, Shufflebottom’s Superloops, Clark’s Quasar, Manning’s Breakdance and Ghostbuster etc.etc.

(All prices are for DVD or VHS video unless otherwise stated. All titles available in both formats unless otherwise stated.).