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  Updated 21/5/2024
Fairground Videos with building up/transport

Titles which include the building up of a particular fair, and possibly including transport.
BUILDING UP THE SUPERSONIC SKID (1 Hour 3 minutes) DVD £15 only
The build up of Colin Golder & Son’s Supersonic Skid ride at Lincoln Steam Rally, 2019. New to Harry Parrish in 1967, the Hayes eight car machine lives on again before passing through the hands of subsequent owners. Colin completed the restoration of the ride in 2017, rebuilding extensively where necessary, culminating in commissioning legendary Tate Décor to recreate Fred Fowle’s original artwork. Popular herever it opens, this volume also features the ride open by day and at night, complete with period music.
The 14 armed Jump & Smile travelled by George Burrows is seen on this DVD building up at Buxton. New in 1999 to Jimmy Cox, it was the first of this type of ride to travel the UK extensively, and was built by Safeco.
BUILDING UP THE XTREME BOMBER ( 38 minutes) DVD £15 only
This KMG built machine began life at Brean Leisure Park in 2005 before being purchased by a French operator six years later. Bertie Holland acquired the ride for 2014, when it is recorded being built up at Buxton in Derbyshire.
The complete build up of Albert Holland’s six arm, KMG built “Extreme” Orbiter, which he acquired from a Scottish Showman during early 2014. Filming took place both at Bakewell and Buxton, where the ride is seen in operation.
BUILDING UP JUVENILE RIDES (1 Hour 3 minutes) DVD £12 only
DISNEYLAND RIDE: Always well presented, Bert Holland’s brightly decorated cartoon character ride enhances any fair that it attends and is seen building up at Buxton in 2011.
SEA ON LAND: Built in the 1960s, the Keeling family’s Sea On Land ride is almost unique on the vintage fairground scene, and provides an interesting contrast to more contemporary rides. Filmed at Brookside Garden Centre, near Stockport.
RACE-O-RAMA: Recent years have seen several of these smart modern rides built, although they have a similar action to the erstwhile Whip rides of a few years ago. Witnessed building up in very warm conditions at Buxton in 2013
BUILDING UP THE STARGATE (1 Hour 4 minutes) DVD £14 only
Generically known as the “Twinspin”, this ride was built by ARM in 1995 for William Wilson. The compact design is accommodated as a single trailer load, and is featured on this volume building up at Nottingham Riverside August 2010. Also included is footage from 1996, when almost new, and of Stevens’ similar Megaspin ride.
BUILDING UP THE 'MOVE IN TOP' TAKE OFF (1 Hour 6 minutes) DVD £15 only
This massive 68 x 64 foot ride arrived in the UK in the early part of 2010 from Italy. The 32 seater capacity machine is seen at the Buxton Well Dressings Fair arriving and being built up, as well as providing thrills for the local fairgoers.
There are very few Huss built fairground rides travelling in the UK, and John Wesseldine’s UFO example is one of 27 such rides built by this well known German manufacturer. Here it is seen being built up, and open in the tiny Derbyshire village of Parwich in support of the Wakes festivities of 2010
BUILDING UP THE 20th CENTURY THRILLER (1 Hour 18 minutes) DVD £15 only
The full build up of Richard Millband’s 20th Century Thriller on it’s debut in his ownership at Lincoln in 2009. This machine (originally built by Orton & Spooner) has been rebuilt over a three year period by Richard and his family, along with a dedicated band of helpers. The resulting efforts are no less than a joy to behold, and when open the ride has a faithfully recreated 1960s atmosphere
BUILDING UP THE WILD MOUSE (1 Hour 30 minutes) DVD £15 only
A principle attraction at many major UK fairs is Abie Danter’s Reverchon Wild Mouse ride. The family attraction was built in 2002, and is featured here being built up and open at Nottingham Goose Fair in 2008. It is transported on five trailers and requires a ground space of 104ft by 60ft. “On ride” footage is from Kirkcaldy in 2009. John and Michael Molden are well known for their skills constructing working fairground models using the medium of Meccano. Making it’s first public appearance at Long Eaton in 2008 following over 3 years of development, John’s own version of the Wild Mouse is also seen being constructed and in operation just like the real thing!
TEWKESBURY MOP FAIR 2009 (1 Hour 15 minutes) DVD £15 only
Coverage begins with the fairground loads arriving in Spring Gardens car park at midnight prior to the following day’s build of the rides. Also recorded are the civic opening and extended coverage of the fair by day and in all it’s glory after dark.
BUILDING UP THE SPACE ROLLER (1 Hour 8 minutes) DVD £15 only
James Mellors Amusements first opened their Mondial built Space Roller ride at Leeds in 2006, and since then it has travelled the whole of the UK. Here we see the 15.5m by 15.5m machine building up in readiness for the Buxton Well Dressing Fair in 2008. The ride is also seen open at Nottingham in 2008 and Buxton along with some spectacular “on ride” footage.
BUILDING UP THE MOONROCKET (1 Hour 48 minutes) DVD £18 only
The complete build up of Howard Maden’s Maxwell-Lakin built Moonrocket ride in it’s 70th Anniversary year which coincided with it’s 10th appearance at the Lincoln Steam Rally in 2008. Originally travelled by the Shaw family from Lancashire, it attended such major fairs as Newcastle Town Moor, Nottingham Goose Fair and Hull until 1982. Howard Maden acquired the ride in 1992, and along with family & friends restored the ride to it’s current condition and it is the only complete surviving example of it’s type. This DVD also sees the ride open for the first time in their ownership at Rawcliffe in 1993, at Harewood House Steam Rally and at Hull Fair in 1994. Hold tight for a fast ride!
BUILDING UP THE MOVE IT 32 (1 Hour 12 minutes) DVD £15 only
Built by KMG in 1996, this unique ride was acquired by James Cox & Sons in 2002, and travels all over the UK. The machine was redecorated for the start of the 2006 season, and extra lighting added. It’s dimensions are 52 x 59 feet, and the machine builds up from three articulated trailers which remain in situ when assembly is completed. This DVD sees how these are skilfully aligned whilst building up at Buxton, right through to extensive coverage of this colourful ride in action both by day and at night. The volume concludes with footage of the overnight pull down after close of business at Buxton in 2006.
BUILDING UP THE ELECTRIK ROTOR (1 Hour 12 minutes) DVD £15 only
Rob Selby’s 1947 Rotor (sticky wall) built up from packing to punters at Llandudno Victorian Weekend in May 2007.
BUILDING UP THE SUPERSONIC SKID (1 Hour 19 minutes) DVD £16 only
The third ex Robert Edwards & Sons ride to be built up at Dingles, with all the magnificently decorated scenery. No views of the ride operating here, as there is work to be done to enable this.
Available from 24th March 2007: BUILDING UP THE RODEO SWITCHBACK (1 Hour 42 minutes) DVD £16 only
Full coverage of the build up of this historically important ride at the Dingles fairground Heritage Centre. With archive footage from 1983, and trial running of the ride in 2006.
BUILDING UP THE JOY CAR DODGEM (1 Hour 35 minutes) DVD £16 only
The full build up of the massive former Edwards owned Dodgem track at Dingles, including the magnificent scenery and the transport.
BUILDING UP THE CHARIOT RACER ARK (1 Hour 35 minutes) DVD £16 only
Full coverage of the build up of this ex R.Edwards & Sons ride which is now owned by the Fairground Heritage Trust. Includes footage of the ride open and the transport
BUILDING UP THE TWISTER ( 42 minutes) DVD £14 only
The building of SCL Leisure’s Sonacase built Twister ride at Long Eaton in 2006. With footage of the ride pulling on and the ride open at other locations.
Building up the Matterhorn ( 56 minutes) DVD £15 only
The build up of Albert Holland's Allpine Express Matterhorn at Chesterfield Bank Holiday Fair in April/May 2006. Includes a 3 minute ride!!
Building up the Waltzer 2 (1 Hour 11 minutes) DVD £15 only
The pull on and full build up of John Armitage's Thunderdome Waltzer at Sheffield, February 2006
Building up the seastorm ( 57 minutes) DVD £15 only
The pull on and full build up of David Wallis's Seastorm ride at Loughborough in 2005.
Building up the Cyclone Twist ( 56 minutes) DVD £14 only
The full build up of Albert Holland's Edwin Hall built Cyclone Twist ride at Chesterfield in August 2005.
Building up the Waltzer 1 (1 Hour 14 minutes) DVD £15 only
Best seller of 2005 The full build up of Bert Holland's Waltzer at Buxton in July 2005.
Hazel Grove Fair 1990 (re-edited & re-released version) ( 53 minutes) DVD £12 only
With building up; Do you remember J W Shaws Speedway, D Wallis's Disco Fieber Tagada, M Wallis's Ghostbuster, Chadwick's Looper? They're all here!
Nottingham 2001 Valentines Fair ( 57 minutes) DVD £14 only
Nottinghams Old Market Square sees the arrival and build up of James Mellors' and the rides and attractions open later that week.
LOUGHBOROUGH FAIR 1999 (1 Hour) DVD £12 only
Building up in Loughborough’s streets, and the fair open by day and at night. Noyce’s Gallopers, Hall’s Top Buzz, Mellors’ Frisbee and Cray Shake
GOOSE FAIR 1999 (2 Hours 15 minutes) DVD £18 only
The final Goose Fair of the mallenium, with coverage of the pull on(including the Mellors’ transport cavalcade), and the fair open by day and night.
DARTMOUTH REGATTA FAIR 1999 (1 Hour 30 minutes) DVD £15 only
Pulling on via the ferry crossing, building up and day/night coverage, plus a little flavour of the town itself. Good seller.
BUXTON WELLS DRESSINGS FAIR 1997 (1 Hour 30 minutes) DVD £14 only
My local fair seen arriving, building up and open during the day and at night.
NOTTINGHAM GOOSE FAIR 1995 (1 Hour 10 minutes) DVD £14 only
Pulling on, building up and in full swing, this fair is the best "free" show in the country.
CHESTERFIELD TOWN CENTRE FAIR 1995 ( 50 minutes) DVD £12 only
August Bank Holiday Fair in Chesterfield’s town centre, with pulling on, building up, and the fair open.
NORTHAMPTON ST.CRISPIN STREET FAIR 1994 ( 58 minutes) DVD £12 only
Coverage of the first such event in 1994, from arrival and build up through to the magic of the fair at night.
DEVON SPRING FAIRS 1993 ( 58 minutes) DVD £14 only
Anderton & Rowlands’ No2. Section open at Plympton and building up(only) at Ivybridge, No.1 Section at Exmouth, and M.Rowland’s fair at Torrington.
MEADOWHALL FAIR 1993 ( 58 minutes) DVD £14 only
The arrival of the loads and build up of the massive fair presented by Bob Wilson Amusements in Sheffield. This fair has now lapsed.
OXFORD ST.GILES FAIR 1992 (1 Hour 8 minutes) DVD £14 only
A top selling volume, with the before daylight pull on, building up, and the fair seen fully open.
NOTTINGHAM GOOSE FAIR 1991 (1 Hour 55 minutes) DVD £17 only
Comprehensive coverage of this famous fair, along with building up and the opening ceremony.
YORKSHIRE EASTER FAIRS 1991 ( 56 minutes) DVD £12 only
The blustery pull on at Wakefield’s Heath Common, followed by fairs open at Woodhouse Moor(as it used to be), and on the old site at Huddersfield.
NOTINGHAM GOOSE FAIR 1989 (1 Hour 28 minutes) DVD £15 only
Pulling on,(what happened to all those Fodens?), and good coverage of the fair open. Bishton’s original Gallopers, Bugg’s Enterprise, 2 Speedways, etc.

(All prices are for DVD or VHS video unless otherwise stated. All titles available in both formats unless otherwise stated.).