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  Updated 24/5/2018
(Includes photos) - Air Maxx (SBF Techno Fly), Frisbee (Freddy Zinnecker), Speed (Rodel, Schweiz), Octopus (Pilz, Schweiz), Tagada (Ramsauer), Breakdancer (Wingender), Jet Force, Spiderman (Bungee Fun), Air Crash, Magic (Müller-Volklandt), Geister Villa (Alwin Zinnecker), Chaos (Maier, Schweiz), Wheel of Excellence™ (Tilburg 2007). Wildwasser, Eurostar, Höllenblitz, Cyberspace, Daemonium, Spinning Racer, Crazy Mouse (Maier, Schweiz), Wild´n Wet, Wilde Maus (Kinzler), Power Tower 2, Star Flyer 24, Breakdance No.1, Shake, Skater, Star Flyer 48, XXL. Ausserdem als Shortcut zu sehen: Psychodelic, Rotor, Glückskönig, Das Omen, Disco Labyrinth.
Length:- 1 Hour 40 minutes

DVD Cost:- £16 (Not Available on Video)

By Juergen Blaetz

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